How did a guy with no professional medical training absolutely no medical background and zero help from any doctors reverse his chronic Lyme disease?

This web site is designed to help individuals who have lyme disease. There is no cure for Lyme disease and I don’t claim to be cured. What I claim is to have zero symptoms. After 2 years of living at 50% of my full capability I found like most inventions the key to my success by mistake.  I will share with you my personal protocol that I continue to use till this day. There is no magic bullet but there is a blue print for success. There most certainly is a way out of Lyme disease. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
It will get better. I went from a guy looking at the ceiling of my bedroom for months to a guy who now runs triathlons and has finished half marathons.

I know full well that I am blessed and that there was some luck involved as well but I assure you I did the work I journaled, I prayed, I listened to my body, I refused to listen to basically anyone who had a god idea, I wanted to hear and learn from only the best. I researched the best nutritionist and learned the best herbs I watched several documentaries on health and wellness. I followed the success of others who had a chronic disease and beat it. I took notes and read every book I could on natural healing. They had nothing for Lyme disease so I couldn’t cheat. I was on my own and so are you. The faster you come to grips with that…….THAT YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN the faster you will recover.

You may contact me and ask any questions about my personal lyme walk.

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