First of all thank you for visiting our web site. I am sorry that you are here in the second place. If you are reading this you probably have lyme disease. As you know that sucks just a little bit.

I am going to speak my mind on this matter and tell it like it is. This is the true story of my fight with lyme disease and I will use the language that's comfortable for me.

Please understand I am not a doctor or a nutritionist and this site is not approved by the FDA. It is not intended to treat cure or prevent anything. I am a 43 year old financial adviser and I live In Maryland. I have a beautiful wife and a beautiful 13 year old daughter. 2 cats, 3 dogs and a Horse. I have no idea how I got Lyme disease. I never found the tic that I felt was responsible for the disease. It's possible that I had Lyme for months before I had any real side effects. There was a red circle on my chest for about two months it would go away and them come back I guess fading is the correct term. I knew something was wrong and I knew it would eventually go away. I am a self employed individual with no health insurance at the time. I only go to the doctors if I am dieing.

One day I was having lunch and my body just shut down. I had food in my mouth and I couldn't chew or swallow it. I made it to the bed room and lied down and took a huge nap. I knew then something was in my blood. I needed a blood test. At that point a had a few rashes on my body and I was going to visit the doctor that week anyhow.

When I saw the doctor she said "oh that's Lyme disease you have Lymes." I said I have a @#$$ disease are you kidding me. She said it's no big deal it will never go away but you can cure it with 30 days worth of antibiotics. She said they are cheap they have no side effects and they work. She gave me a prescription for Doxycycline . I took the medicine orally and in a few days the red spots were going away and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. After that month I never felt quite the same I was a great athlete as a child and always had the spirit of a athlete. I had no intentions of ever running or playing tennis again. I just felt like my body couldn't recover from a strenuous work or play. So who cares I am 40 years old I have horrible knees not the end of the world, I will make due. At least I am not like I was. As I like to say……….. I'll take it. A few months go bye and I out of know where I just seize up. My body was like a store when it's closed. I got into bed again and I had about two pills left over from my original 30 day supply. I told my wife to get my Lyme meds. She came back with a glass full of water and two pills. I was lying face down on the bed. I was not able to lift the glass or my head to drink. I remember not being able to talk and thinking why in the hell did she bring me this heavy glass of water.

I eventually took the pills and remember looking up at the ceiling I had seen that ceiling to many times in the last few months and I realized this is it, this is my life from here on out. I said if I ever get out of this room and am going to turn my life around and live each day as a gift. I remember thinking what in the hell did I do to deserve this. I was thinking the odds of a tic biting a deer then hiding in the woods waiting for me to come along a random path in a random woods, couldn't I have just won the lottery instead, it seemed like the same odds.

I knew of a high school buddy who was battling Lyme and she was very vocal on Facebook. I contacted her and she told me of her plight with Lyme and explained all the ramifications and treatments. She was on daily 400 mg IV treatments and she hated her life and had virtually no relief. I went online and did some research and all I could see was if you have Lyme Take antibiotics. If the Lyme returns take a bunch more of antibiotics. So I purchased Doxycycline from a online pharmacy I started taking them every time I felt the Lyme attack which was about every three or four days. Sometimes I would take a pill every day for weeks. I had several side effects like nausea I would throw up on the side of the road going to appointments. I would have to go home and sleep it off for the day and reschedule the appointment.

This went on for months. I have never been a great sleeper and I love to watch movies. At night to make me fall asleep I started watching documentaries. I came across a documentary called The Beautiful Truth, the doc. Explained how cancer could be cured by a specific diet. I then watch several documentaries on that subject. The creator of the cure was a Dr Gerson he discovered the cure in about 1928. His daughter took over his practice and while I was watching the documentary they explained that she was raised on this diet and she is now 83 years old and doesn't even need eye glasses. That was enough for me I got out of bed at 2 am and put a bunch of fruits and vegetables in my new kick ass blender my mother bought me for Christmas a few days prior. The next morning I went to walk the dogs and I got a flash of myself in the mirror, my face looked different. I am allergic to dogs and as I mentioned I have 3. My face looked thinner, I looked like I lost 10 pounds. All of the sinus pressure in my face was gone. This stuff works I said how can it be that simple. Then I remembered a magic potion my mother made me a few years prior that was designed for ADHD. It didn't do a damn thing for ADHD but it did cure my asthma. I took that stuff religiously for about 2 months. Then I got lazy and stopped because I was cured, then forgot about it all together. My Asthma did return of course but instead of taking that powder I just would hit the inhaler three or four times a day depending on the season. That was easier then making a special drink. (smoothie)

I didn't like making the drinks and I figured if I am going through all this trouble maybe I should dump that powder into the smoothies. This is good I probably won't get caner now that I am on this new diet thing but what could I do for my Lyme. I went back to my mother and asked her what was in that powder that she gave me a while back? That stuff cured my Asthma and I felt great what the hell is in that. She said it has the 8 sugars on the planet she explained that if you take them all at once then it will make your immune system improve. What I had learned from my research online about Lyme is that it attacks your body and throws up a smoke screen and your Immune system will attack the smoke screen killing healthy cells. Thus causing pain in your joints because that's were the most space is in your body between your bones. So I said well I don't want to turbo boost my Immune system so I stopped the diet cancer plan and didn't take the powder. This went on for months. I was still taking my meds 100mg as needed and just whistling through the grave yard.

To be honest there was no big breakthrough I just one day was tired of not breathing well and always being angry with my wife and daughter and just decided ya know if I could breathe better I wouldn't be so damn angry all the time. I fired up the blender put some fruits and veggies in there with some honey and a teaspoon of that magic powder and in a few days I was breathing fine. What I also noticed was I had not taken a Doxycycline for about a week, I felt fine, I had virtually no symptoms of anything. I started a journal about a week into my new smoothie routine because I knew that something was right. I wanted to find the common denominator and I figured if I monitored my diet for a month I would find it.

I did find it………………….It was a combination of diet and herbal powders and superfoods that just killed bad stuff in my body. My Immune system was greater than my Lyme. I just didn't have about 95% of my symptoms. I still had some brain fog but nothing like before and I still hand some pain in my hands but I was also rehabbing my house and laying about 2,000 sqft of drywall so any pain is normal at that point but this was new territory for me I went from 3 hour days to 10 hour days to 14 hour days.

I am at this point too afraid to stop the diet herbal supplement regiment. I have over time refined the ingredients to address my Lyme disease and it has been over 2 years since I had my daily dose of 100mg Doxycycline

I feel like I have cured my Lyme. That's how I feel. I know it's not correct to say that. It's not correct FDA Guidelines to make that statement. The Lyme I am sure is still in my blood line, it's no cure if you still have the Lyme in your blood. The symptoms of my Lyme are virtually gone and as I like to say ……..I'll take it. I have no idea where my inhalers are, that's not even a thought for me anymore.

Since my life was given back to me I always say T O GOD BE THE GLORY. I would never claim my healing by my own hands. I chose about 30 herbs and each one must have been God sent because they worked …they have continued to work. Where others seem to fail I seem to prosper and I say hey that's God not me. I always say lucky for me my God is greater. I stuck to my promise I made to myself if I ever get out of hear I will make something of my life. I have raised thousands of dollars for families with Lyme I continue to support people from all over the world. I have two web sites on FB that are for Lyme one is for Lyme suicide and another one for healing past trauma and Lyme disease.

Proper Titles: Buddy system for Lyme patients USA / Healing past trauma and Lyme.

I also became a life coach for chronically ill patients and I coach people from all over the world through skype. I have developed an extraordinary healing technique for Chronic Lyme sufferers. It works so well I have a paten pending on the healing procedure. I recently became a Clinical hypnotist and I am well versed in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) I have studied herbs and nutrition with some of the best in the business.

I have raised awareness in multiple states and have entered and finished several triathlons and my Latest and greatest is a half marathon in the spring of 2014.

Life is great and the clients I work with ridiculously enrich my life. I feel better than I did ten years ago. I try very hard to donate 10% of my income to a family or individual in need with Lyme every month. I have help purchase beds for the infirmed all the way in Australia and life coached people from as far as the Philippines…..what I ride it has truly been. If you have questions please ask away. My email is

don't get me wrong Lyme still is a nightmare my credit is destroyed and I was forced to move from one house to another. When you go from a financial advisor to a guy who is like the walking dead for 15 months yeah you loose everything. Your debt to income ratio goes upside down and you lay in a ball in your bed wishing the world would just swallow you up and remove your debt and all your shame for not being the man of the house and providing a safe and secure environment for your wife and child.

So Just like a alcoholic that is now sober; yes life is great but you still bump into that guy who was a real ass for a long time. I was real sick for a few years and I still am paying off the debt and dealing with that sick guy……………but this too shall pass. For everything there is a season, a season of health a season of good credit a season of bad credit there is nothing new under the sun and I am not special. I just beat my lyme that's all.



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